Shift between "Activity abstract, My activity, Activity followed "
Activity abstract
Check the trip data of the recent week
My activity
Check all trip data
Activity followed
Check trip data of friends
Analysis module
Shift between "Activity analysis, Activity chart, Activity data, Activity sharing"
Activity analysis
Check the basic information of the present trip data
Activity chart
Check the trip data information in chart
Activity data
Check detailed information of the present trip data
Activity sharing
Share the present trip to third-party platforms
Device Module
Shift between" Select bike computer, Connect bike computer, Function interface, Upload data, Delete data"
Select device
Click to select device
Connect bike computer
Click to connect device
Function interface
Able to operate on the present device
Upload data
Upload data automatically
Delete data
Delete all data manually or automatically
Calendar module
Shift between " Calendar statistic, Single activity, Target setting"
Calendar statistic
Trip data in calendar form
Single day activity
Check trip data of a specific day
Target setting
Set trip target